Website Development: Getting the Most Out of YOUR Website

Are you one of those companies that struggled to get a website up, and then checked it off your To Do list? If so, you could be missing a major opportunity to not only provide potential customers with a comprehensive view of your company, but gain better visibility in the marketplace as well.

Why? Just ask Siri. I can just hear the shock and disbelief from some of you. What? We€™re not done? Our site€™s finished, posted, and registered, what more do we need to do? The answer is both simple and difficult €“ update. As often and as much as you can. The Web is all about content these days. Regardless of the niceties and finer points of search engine differentiation, virtually all of their algorithms are now contextual content-based. In short, content is king and that includes everything including images and videos.

The Web is full of broken sites, left by their owners for want of updated content. As they age a gradual content decay causes these sites to be ignored by both search engines and viewers who recognize stale, outdated content when they see it. But it doesn€™t have to be this way. All it takes is simply touching your site on a regular basis. Updating your press release section, listing your trade show appearances, even posting new white papers or articles helps. Regular activity on your site indicates to the world that it€™s an important part of your company operations.

Web design for ease and functionality.
Here€™s a scenario we see all too often: The CEO wants a flashy, sexy site, full of the latest bells and whistles so the company can €œlook good€. Unfortunately, some sites don€™t get updated regularly and they sit there, dead in the water, slowly sinking out of view.

This can be easily prevented by designing your site so the text is easy to revise and sections that include technical or sales data requiring frequent updating can be freshened quickly and with a minimum of fuss. In many cases, this means posting a lot of your information in PDF form so that viewers can download pages for viewing and printing using commonly available software like Adobe€™s Acrobat Reader. Conversely, these files are easy to upload as well, making site updates a snap.

Make your pages easy to find.
Because content is king, you want as much pertinent data on your site as possible. You want to pay attention to the headline and body copy that makes every page valuable to search engines and  are capable of being found. Many companies simply keyword and describe their home pages, but that means the rest of their site is not well optimized for contextual search, handicapping them right from the start.

So, keep regular content updates and more in-depth page-coding in mind. It can turn your website into the high-powered marketing communications tool you€™ve always wanted it to be.

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