Ghostwriting Services

Ghost writers and freelance writers create website content, marketing and sales materials. Either term is used to refer to website writers who can generate the kind of articles and content you need to promote your business, but don’t have time to write.
At Website Writers, we provide ghostwriting services that take the burden of generating a timely, valuable, compelling feature article, white paper, or case study off of company staff that are busy taking care of business. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking all your existing documentation and mining it for information; other times it might require a quick interview with you or some other employee. Either way, we’ll take that information and quickly turn it into a ghostwritten article with your name and company on it, ready for publication.
Don’t know where to have it published? We can take your ghostwritten article and place it with the most appropriate trade or professional publications, including magazines, online publications, and industry forums.

If you have questions or would like a quote for marketing support, feel free to contact us via phone of email.