Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization for web sites is a topic that comes up sooner than later when the conversation turns to how to make website content more effective. Funny thing is, most people who talk about search engine optimization of website content are fuzzy about how to accomplish it.

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it€™s more commonly known, is all about words. It€™s the WORDS that provide true value to a website, not the graphics. But conventional wisdom says words are dull and hard to come by. Text is a grind to write and no ones wants to think about it, much less do it. But guess what? Words are what give your site value, search-ability, stickiness and everything else that is good and noble.

We put the optimization in SEO.

Use targeted content for good SEO. Image by "Stuart Miles."

Use targeted content for good SEO.
Image by “Stuart Miles.”

At Website Writers we recognize the value of words and go to great lengths to use just the right ones so that your potential customers can find you. We understand the importance of keyword and content matching in technical communities so that your website content can be supercharged €“ optimized to return the best possible results for searches relevant for your site. That means developing what€™s called a Long Tail search strategy €“ focusing on the fewest key words that deliver the most favorable search results. And that takes discipline, experience, and a keen understanding of your audience
Now, you may be saying, €œI€™m all set, our website designers said they put in keywords.€ If that€™s the case, you may be shocked to learn that in our experience, three out of five €œkeyworded€ sites are not. That€™s not saying they didn€™t put in some keywords, it€™s just that the site, in most cases, is not optimized accurately. After all, that€™s not what a typical web designer does — their job is to design, not develop a content strategy and optimize content.

If search engine optimization and content strategy is important to you €“ and it should be €“ we can help you supercharge your site and accomplish your goals.

Web designers: If you€™re facing the challenge of keyword and content matching in technical communities, feel free to give us a call. We€™ve helped other firms get their clients the results they want without a problem. Some have been pleasantly surprised at how seamless and easy it is to work with us.