All About Blogs

Blogs, for anyone still adjusting a lap top screen, are basically €œlittle web sites€ €“ that is, they are usually limited-agenda, personal sites dedicated to flogging one particular subject. In the business world, the best and the brightest are often the pet projects of experts with a specific interest in a professional or technical topic they want to talk about €œoff the record€.

As a result, blogs have risen stratospherically in popularity and influence. This is due, in large part, to their ability to stir up controversy, take a €œno-holds-barred€ look at a particular subject, and speak with authority (or at least passion) on related topics.

So why would you or a businesses be interested in blogging? Because the blogosphere has become a great tool for quickly and easily getting word out about a variety of subjects, including industry analyst observations, new products and technology developments, and many other topics of potential interest to current and future customers.

Blogs also enable businesses to float trial balloons, do some guerrilla marketing, and gain instant credibility as an expert, attracting journalists and editors looking for corroborating sources for their articles or original sources for new stories.

One key difference separating blogs from websites is blogs require frequent and regular updating. They are, by definition, €œweb logs€ €“ in many ways, they are online diaries. Search engines focus on text and good blogs are updated at least several times a week (often daily or even hourly) €“ timeliness being another criterium important to search engines.  Google is focused on contextual search of various topics for blogs that deliver pertinent results.

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