Website Content Aids Incubation and Marketing Applications

Web site content helps sales incubation by giving prospects pertinent information they €œincubate€ on while searching for vendors and suppliers. In this case, incubation refers to the time it takes for a potential customer to act upon marketing and sales efforts. Companies posting new web site content should consider incubation and how it affects the burn rate of their often-limited marketing resources as they roll out new offerings. Web site content should be reviewed on a continuous basis for generating web site inquiries and orders. Companies shouldn€™t wait expectantly for the phone to ring €” when that doesn€™t happen immediately frustration, even anger, set in. Blame for lack of leads and sales gets assigned reflexively, without thought or analysis. Almost inevitably, bad marketing decisions follow and further efforts suffer.

Often, companies simply don€™t consider incubation for their web site content €“ that period of time between when a potential customer finds your site€™s marketing message and when they take action Think about it €“ when was the last time you made an immediate decision on an important purchase? Probably never. Chances are you did some research, asked some questions, sought out other opinions. So how can you expect your potential customers to act any differently? Virtually every sale has an incubation period. Be sure visitors find your web site content concise and informative. Is it friendly and conversational or tediously difficult to read? For low-cost consumer goods incubation can be fairly short €“ a shopper looks up a particular product, decides €œoh, I need this€, maybe compares some prices, and buys it. However, a longer incubation period occurs for big-ticket capital sales, those involving a complicated or new technology, or sales in highly competitive markets with lots of choices. Studies have shown that seventy-five percent of corporate sales lead respondents with active buying intentions make purchases six months after initial contact. In fact, a solid fifty-eight percent actively involved in a purchasing decision take over a year to buy.

Think €œOutside In€ To Start Your Web Content Incubation And Marketing 

Good incubation considers the entire process. If you or your marketing and website team fail to realize the fact of who conducts initial search and selection for a short list, and miss the target, it can severely penalize you by losing potential business.

As a rule, people looking for a supplier or vendor for solutions don€™t know a company by name.  While a firm€™s website is search engine optimized by company name, it doesn€™t help target key people who search for a solution.  Recognizing this point will start your incubation with focused web content and marketing outreach early on. Whether we all like it or not, it€™s often an administrative assistant or staffer who gets tasked with compiling the initial short list that makes or breaks your being considered.

Practice what we call €œoutside in€ thinking and develop your marketing communication messages to clearly and accurately position your product or service for the market, highlighting features and benefits in which the potential customer will be interested.

Be aware that this may yield results that differ from what you initially thought were the most important attributes of your product or service. Put yourself in your customer€™s shoes and develop or revise your messaging and outreach accordingly.

As you begin any marketing activities, remember there is an incubation period and rein in your early expectations. Be reasonable. Review your site analytics and see where people are going. Avoid knee-jerk reactions to any one particular effort or result, such as lack of response to a single banner, email or print ad. It typically takes several exposures to a message before an impression is made and a response is initiated. Above all, avoid canceling programs because a single article, web banner, direct mail piece linking to a web page, or banner ad didn€™t yield immediate results. After all, you wouldn€™t stop eating just because you had a meal you didn€™t like, would you?

Rest easy in the knowledge that no matter how big or small your marketing program, incubation is going to happen. Plan your efforts, including sales projections and ROI analysis, to take that into account and you won€™t be disappointed.

If you have questions or would like to discuss specifics about your site, feel free to contact us via phone of email.