Online Marketing Campaigns VS. Traditional, What Works Best?

Web marketing campaigns and banners are an ideal way to reach potential customers who are traditionally difficult to reach through conventional methods such as print advertising and direct mail. Highly specialized audiences, such as various scientific disciplines or complex technologies are particularly well-suited to web marketing campaigns. However, the wide variety of online options requires a highly-focused, well-formulated campaign designed to address specific goals to obtain the most efficient ROI.
At WebsiteWriters, our goal is helping you turn website visitors into clients by clearly, concisely, and compellingly showing them how your company€™s products or services meet their needs and provide them with the means to obtain them.

Web Media Vs Traditional Marketing Media
WebsiteWriters works with online and traditional publishers. This includes portals and specialty marketplaces used to generate results for campaigns. With over 140,000 online media outlets to work with, we research opportunities, establish appropriate budgets and apprise clients to save time and money.

Website Response
We develop messages to generate response. Typically a client selling a complex service or product needs to consider buying cycles (incubation time) for reaching potential clients over a period of time. Blood flow dopplers or embedded software isn€™t purchased based on a €œNight Lite Sale€.  Campaigns are designed to develop both brand awareness AND sales to ensure success. The debate in marketing departments shouldn€™t be about which media is better. The debate should be how you€™ll handle more customers.

Website Rankings
While lots of people out there will €œguarantee€ you web rankings, the fact is there are no magic bullets. It takes effort, planning, attention to detail, and a strategy designed to ensure that your site is seen as more valuable and focused than your competition. It€™s that kind of hard work that results in success.

We have multimedia case studies and examples if you€™d like to see what we do or discuss project specifics.

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